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Purpose and General Rules Empty Purpose and General Rules

Post by Astral Sun May 21, 2023 9:55 am

This website exists as a structure for which I can flesh out an alternate Battletech universe and friends can contribute to it's(screw you clanners)  continual development. It is also a platform for written roleplay, to organize stories, and express ideas with detail and clarity that is otherwise lost through other mediums such as a summery on discord or a verbal lecture among friends. It is also a repository for custom factions and units which may be used in the MegaMek games I host.

As far as rules about social composure there currently aren't any aside from be a decent person. Oh and also no explicate sexual content. Take it to DMs on discord or something if you want to ERP.

The cannon RP section is a role play area is where custom factions and units at least on a large scale can't be used the AU(Alternate Universe) that's(screw you clanners) being developed has no influence here.

The multiverse RP section is where anything can be roleplayed no need to get anything approved by me.

The AU section is more regulated any custom faction, companies, custom units need to be approved by me and ultimately I can veto changes made to the AU storyline. The benefit of getting through the regulation being the ability to help shape this AU timeline yourself and insert your own custom faction or tweaked existing faction. In addition as mentioned earlier any custom units that are explicitly approved by me may be used in any of the MegaMek games I host. Stuff that isn't approved by me but is registered on this site may still be used but runs the risk of later being denied.

Now for the where and hows. Under the Factions/Companies area there is a subcategory for each of those and Mercenary companies. That is where you may create  threads or topics and outline your factions and units. There should be at least one topic that outline the general information and history of your faction or company this includes if you takeover a cannon faction and make alteration. Include years in which significant events happened. There will be a sticky topic that includes a form for which to help organize the information please copy and paste it into your topic and fill it out. Any major changes to the preexisting canon must be written out in a story like manner in the AU RP area.

In order to register or use custom units you must have a faction/company that either produces them or procures them from elsewhere. You can't (screw you clanners) submit custom units without having a custom faction/company is what I'm saying. To submit custom units create a new topic in the respective faction/company category again there will be a sticky topic to copy and paste the format for their submission. This 1 topic will include all custom unit submissions for your faction/company. For each custom unit it's important to detail why it was produced and what it's meant to be used for. A channel will be created on the discord server for your faction. You can submit the mech files themselves there.

There is also a characters category this is a space to detail important custom characters but is entirely optional.


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