Gerron Industries Specialty Armaments

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Gerron Industries Specialty Armaments Empty Gerron Industries Specialty Armaments

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Date: 3/17/3082
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Gerron Industries Specialty Armaments

Gerron Industries was founded in 3059 by Damian Gerron, a mechwarrior of the now-defunct Brass Pythons mercenary company. After the near-total destruction of the original Brass Pythons on the world of Medellin in 3055 by a large force belonging to Clan Jade Falcon, the Founder of Gerron Industries would be recovered aboard a drifting, unpowered and heavily damaged Leopard, the lone survivor of the incident, by a Clan Diamond Shark Merchant fleet. After serving CDS forces loyally for several years, Damian was granted the opportunity to go free. However, the intrepid founder of Gerron Industries instead proposed a second offer: he would form a company based in the Inner Sphere to sell Clan goods, giving a fair portion to Clan Diamond Shark. The purpose of which being securing business avenues, assets, and information that the Clan could not, or would not, be able to acquire on their own officially; due either to the Inner Sphere’s trepidation after the Clan Invasion, or the limitations of Clan ‘honor’. Gerron Industries became well known for expensive but quality one-offs for rich mercenaries, until the FedCom civil war. During the Civil War, Gerron Industries began mass-producing quality units for both sides of the conflict, the most numerous being the Hellfire line of combat vehicles, the Ballista line of BattleMechs, and the Tigershark AeroSpace Fighter. Small factories and research outposts on Devlin, Ceteus IV, Aleph VII, and several other near-Periphery worlds. Not limited to just military merchandise, GISA’s civilian line included luxury vehicles for extremely wealthy VIPs. It is currently unknown how Gerron Industries was able to procure the ability to mass-produce weapons in such a short period of time. During the Jihad, Gerron Industries public facilities were bombed or otherwise destroyed. By 3075 Gerron Industries had slowed production dramatically, and as of 3081, orders to Gerron Industries have remained unfulfilled. It is unknown whether their production lines had all been destroyed by the Word of Blake, as no-one has managed to find where their main production facilities were, at least publicly.


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