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Outworlds Scrappers Salvaging Division Empty Outworlds Scrappers Salvaging Division

Post by NerdyTB Wed Jul 26, 2023 9:46 pm

The Outworlds Scrappers is a corporation tasked with the salvaging and repurposing of defunct and irreparably damaged military assets. Founded and subsidized in 3070  on Ramora III, after the destruction of Clan Snow Raven's Swift Wing Naval Assault Star, the Outworlds Scrappers purchase and are donated partial 'Mech chassis, where they then combine multiple designs into usable, if unsightly and unwieldy, 'Mechs. As they receive a mix of Inner Sphere and Clan tech from the Outworlds Alliance and Clan Snow Raven respectively, the large majority of their designs end up being Mixed Tech, often in an effort to supplement the weaknesses of the original chassis.

The Salaging Division in particular is responsible for designing the new "FrankenMechs" in a way that lets them function better than a standard Corsair. This often includes using patchwork armor, using bits of Clan tech to improve Inner Sphere tech, and saving space with XL/XXL engines/gyros. The engineers prize every single creation they make, insisting on the term "jury-rigged" as opposed to "jerry-built" or "jerry-rigged" as the latter two terms would assume they did not put forth their best effort in designing the 'Mechs. All of the Outworld Scrappers designs are for sale, with a premium price point being offered for custom upgrades and modifications.


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