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Post by Astral Thu Jul 27, 2023 10:18 pm

Here is the template for inserting your custom units into your topic

[spoiler="(Name of your unit and year it was produced)"]
(Name of your unit again)
BV: 508 (always based off a 4/5 pilot)
Speed: 3/5 (use parentheses for things like super chargers)
Armor: (total armor value and include special armor types such as hardened or stealth)
Heat Sinks:
Megamek File: [url=(after your unit file gets posted on the discord copy the link and paste it in here)]Click Me[/url]

Put the description of your unit here

This is what it looks like in action

A11 Warthog 2764:

and this is exactly how it was typed up


[spoiler="A11 Warthog 2764"]
Warthog A11
Year: 2764
BV: 508
C-bills: 1,636,000
Tonnage: 50
Speed: 3/5
Armor: 50
1 AC/20
8 Prototype Rocket Launchers
Heat Sinks: N/A
Megamek File: [url=]Click Me[/url]

The first product of Twilight Industries was a resounding success and isn't just responsible for Twilight Industries becoming a power house of periphery manufacturing but also for the beginnings of the Kingdom of Twilight.

Released a year before the New Vanden Berg Uprising the A11 Warthog came just in time. Specifically designed to take out mechs the A11 could defend a very large area and respond to an attack quickly. But what really made this so popular was it's price at a manufacturing cost of only 1.6 mill it was extraordinarily affordable for what it offered and was just what the Periphery needed to defend itself from Star League.

Designed as modern day successor to the legendary old Terra A-10 Thunderbolt II  the A11 succeeded in being capable of taking out anything it lines it's weapons up against it failed in every other area. Despite being a whopping 50 tons the A11 is easily taken out and doesn't have the capability of hanging around the battlefield especially in regards to it's unguided one shot rocket launchers. The A11 is meant to fly in, take out the highest priority target, and return to base, a support aircraft to give other forces a fighting chance especially against mechs.


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