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Post by Shinigami Wed Aug 16, 2023 2:22 am

Seen as a 3rd Exodus by some, this Clan was founded after the Eugenics program was started. Taking a prototype Warship and refitting it for colonization, a skeleton crew was selected from the best Bloodnamed Warriors who were trained for crewing ASFs and Warships. Loading the ship with genetic repositories of as many bloodlines as they could get their hands on, and all the technical data available to date, they took off for reaches of space even further afield than the Homeworlds.

Getting caught in an anomaly in space best described as a black nebula, they found a cluster of stars with inhabitable planets. Unfortunately the K-F Drive of the Warship was damaged while making the jump through the anomaly. Getting to the nearest planet of the cluster they managed to make landfall and set themselves up with the first colony. The planet was made up of mostly jungles and oceans, but the system was rich in resources. Survival being the first priority they immediately started generating Trueborn civilians and scientists. Warriors were not a priority until later, since, among other things, they were acutely aware of just how lucky they were to only suffer the damage to the K-F Drive and actually made it through. The Scientists, meanwhile, focused first on improving the Eugenics program, knowing that they would be relying on it for the most part when it came to populating their new worlds.

It didn't take long before everything settled into place. The first planet was designated Monteverde. Ramping up production of Aerospace assets and fixing the K-F Drive of the Warship, new colonies were quickly established on the other worlds. 10 worlds in particular were found to be both inhabitable and rich in resources, and colonies were established and quickly grew. Of these, the 2nd one they landed on was designated New Haven, and here the first Trueborn Warriors were born. With a strict mindset, Zellbrigen precepts, and the results of the new Eugenics program benefiting them, these new Warriors came out of training with astounding results. The most idyllic planet was set up as the Capital World. Its name was designated Azure. Another planet worth pointing out is Valeria, where a slew of new herbs of medicinal value were found. The main Research and Development facilities were established here; though they were not the only world with them, they did have the best equipment available.

With everything meticulously planned out before they ever set foot on a new planet, they quickly grew from colonies to cities. Academies for the different castes were established on each world, with the intent to have each world compete with each other in every aspect. Competitiveness was bred into every caste, not just the Warriors. With this system in place technology escalated quickly and new Bloodnamed Warriors were established. The practice of awarding Scientists with "Labnames", a practice frowned upon in the Clans before, became not only commonplace, but also established as the norm. A similar practice was started with the Merchant Caste as well, giving them a Mercantile Achievement. And while Warriors were still at the top of the hierarchy, all Castes were taught the value of the other Castes.

Trinaries, then Clusters, then Galaxies came to be. Many technological breakthroughs were had, for all areas of life. Then the scientists who were studying the anomaly had a breakthrough. They figured out how to specifically shield the K-F Drives against the anomaly. The shielding was immediately put into production, made of an alloy material unknown until these  10  planets were found, and installed on all ships with K-F Drives as quickly as possible. It was time for a return to the Homeworlds.

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